Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Considering The State Of The American Economy, Is It Wise To Invest In Real Estate Outside Of The Country?

Real estate is only a lucrative investment, because it is extremely localized. Real estate investors generally target a specific area because they know the rental rates, tax rates, the rate of appreciation and what direction the city / state / country is heading in before they invest their dollars.

But here is the thing that most people don't realize...

Now is the time to buy in America, not invest in a different country.

Now is the time to buy, because the prices of real estate have deflated almost down to rock bottom, in some cases.

What most people fail to realize is that economies aren't based on doom and gloom forever. The economy goes in cycles filled with booms and busts. The true investors who are in it to win it buy when the economy is bust and sell when the economy hits another boom.

The true players in the game are buying up properties like CRAZY, and either renting them out or offering owner financing to those who can't qualify for a mortgage.

Even in a city as distressed as Detriot, Michigan - you can pick up properties over there for just a few hundred dollars. Most people don't know this, but because of the high inflation and cost of living in California, Warner Brothers is relocating their studios to Detriot because real estate is extremely cheap over there right now, and it would be cheaper to house their cast and crew.

So now, while everyone is running away from Detroit, smart business people are trying to figure out a way to relocate over there, because the cost of living is so low, due to the demand of living there being low. Yet, as soon as a company like Warner Brothers relocates to Detroit, EVERYONE will want to buy there then - and that will make property values soar.

The time to get into real estate is when everyone is running away. Even if you can't sell it right away, you can always rent it out or finance a buyer with a wrap around mortgage. The demand is high for owners who are willing to owner finance their properties, due to the credit freeze.

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